Note:  DO NOT place these in your trash or recycle carts:

The following items will not be accepted in your trash or recycle carts:

  • Dirt, sod, concrete or rock
  • Construction/demolition debris
  • Hot ashes
  • Flammable materials such as oil, gas, solvents or wet paint
  • Household hazardous waste including but not limited to
  • Pool chemicals such as chlorine, shock
  • Lithium-ion batteries used in drill, power tools 

NEW TRASH AND RECYCLING GUIDELINES EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1- all residents should anticipate the following:

The Town of Lancaster has contracted with Waste Management for weekly curbside collection of trash and every-other-week collection of recyclables.  All collection will take place from Town issued carts that will be distributed to residents prior to March 1st.  You may immediately begin to use your carts once they are received.  Each property can expect one trash cart (black body with black lid) and one recycling cart (black body with red lid) per unit.  Therefore, a single family home will have one of each.  Residents in town homes and condominiums will receive a pair of 65-gallon carts. 

Most residents will see a change in their trash collection day.  Trash and Recycling will be collected on the same day, however recycling is only every-other-week. Trash collection will remain weekly.  To determine your new trash collection day and recycling week, please find your street in the pdf listed above.



There are three changes to remember about this program:

  1. All Trash must be placed inside your Town issued cart ONLY!  The lid must close and cart handles should face your house and be 4 feet away from mailboxes, parked cars, poles, etc. 
  2. Bulk Waste, such as furniture and appliances, will ONLY be collected during the second full week of each month. Each home is allowed to place a maximum of three (3) items out, in addition to their cart, during bulk week.  Please note: Tires will NOT be accepted as part of this program. Management of waste tires is regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. For more information please refer to
  3. Recycling will be collected every-other-week from the Town issued carts. Please make every effort to recycle by using the following guide:  pdf Recycling Guidelines , Cardboard can be cut into 3' x 3' squares, bundled and tied, and neatly stacked next to your recycle cart for collection on your recycle week.


  • Why did the Town move to Cart based collection?
    ANSWER: The goal of cart-based collection is to create a neat, uniform collection program that is efficient, reduces wind-blown debris, and eliminates an attractive food supply for vermin. Because these programs are more efficient, that means savings for tax payers!
  • Why did my trash collection day change?
    ANSWER: The Trash collection routes have been updated to accommodate the new program, which allows automated collection trucks to travel much farther in the same amount of time.
  • What can I recycle?
    ANSWER: Please download WM’s Recycling menu. It is very important to Recycle Right and Recycle Often!  WM will accept all paper, clear and clean glass, plastic tubs and containers and household metal cans and containers.  PLEASE, do not put any Plastic Bags, Plastic Wraps, Waxed Boxboard and Foam (styrofoam) in your cart. A complete menu of acceptable recycling can be found here:  pdf Recycling Guidelines
  • Can I change the size of my carts?
    ANSWER: The Town will first focus on distributing all carts.  We ask all residents to wait until June 1 to contact the Town about changing sizes.  Accommodations will first be made for residents demonstrating a hardship due to the size of their cart. 

  • What if I need more capacity?
    ANSWER: There are three options available to residents.  For occasional limited extra capacity for NON-FOOD WASTE ONLY, an “Extra Capacity Sticker” can be purchased at Town Hall for $3.00.  This allows for the collection of one bag of non-food waste weighing no more than 40 lbs. which can be placed outside your trash cart on your regular weekly collection day.  The “Extra Capacity Sticker” is designed to meet the occasional need to dispose of waste that won’t fit in your refuse cart on any given week.  More than one bag with the “Extra Capacity Sticker” may be placed at the curb each week.  If you have more than just an occasional need to dispose of additional waste on a weekly basis, you may pay for the additional service by acquiring an additional refuse cart for $103 per year.  If you decide to add an additional cart please wait until June 1, 2019 to contact the Supervisor's Office. Lastly, for large household clean-outs or projects, Waste Management offers the Bagster program.  Please visit this link to inquire about a Bagster at

  • What do I do with electronics, yard waste and household hazardous waste?
    ANSWER: All of these programs will remain the same. Per New York State law, electronics are prohibited from disposal.  Please visit or for options.  Yard Waste collection schedules in the Town and Village will remain.  Household Hazardous Waste collection events are hosted in the spring and fall by Erie County.  Please visit their website about upcoming events or inquire with Hazman about additional options (

Please review our full list of FAQ’s for more answers:  




pdf WM Recycling Menu
pdf Household Hazardous Waste Brochure