Highway Contact Info


John Pilato
Highway Superintendent

house Highway Department
 525 Pavement Road
        Lancaster, NY 14086

phone 716-683-3426
fax 716-685-0271
email Email



Michelle Barbaro
Deputy Superintendent
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Kim Krupinski
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  Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Main Function of Department:

The Town of Lancaster Highway Department performs year round maintenance on 154 lane miles of Town roads. The Highway Department is under contract with Erie County for 16 miles of County roads in the Town of Lancaster for snow and ice removal. Listed below are the services provided by the Highway Department.

  • Brush Pick up
  • Carcass Removal
  • Ditch Clean Up
  • Leaf Pick up
  • Paving and Pot Hole Repair (Town roads only)
  • Snow Plowing/Snow Removal
  • Roadside culvert pipe installation
  • Road Sweeping
  • Drainage
  • County/State Road List

 Please see the attachment for a New York State Executive Order

  pdf NYS Executive Order

Truck Routes

pdf Town of Lancaster Truck Route North

pdf Town of Lancster Truck Route South


The Highway Department will not pick up grass clippings or ornament grass.  They are to be put in your garbage cart and will be picked up by Waste Management.

pdf Extra Capacity Sticker  

Items that will be collected:

  • Tree branches – not to exceed 8 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter
  • Twigs
  • Leaves - NOT BAGGED
  • Shrubs
  • Tree and Shrub roots
  • Logs

These items will NOT be picked up if in bags, cans or any type of container.

The Highway Department picks up brush on almost a daily basis, year round and weather permitting. Branches are to be placed with ends pointing toward the street and piled as neatly as possible. Brush is usually picked up on a weekly basis by the Hi-lift. Please call the Highway Department at 683-3426 when brush is placed at the street.

Items that will NOT be collected:

  • Waste products
  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Railroad Ties
  • Building Debris


The Highway Department is responsible for picking up dead animals on all Town Roads and small animals on County Roads. The Erie County Highway Department will only pick up deer on County-owned roadways. Please refer to the listings of all County-owned and State-owned roads below.


The Highway Department will clean ditches on an as needed basis. When time allows the Highway Department will also clean debris from roadside culverts.


The Town of Lancaster has started picking up leaves throughout the Town. The Highway Department DOES NOT take requests for leaf pickup.

The Highway Department has five leaf trucks that have routes to cover street by street throughout the Town. Please place leaves between the curb and the sidewalk only and do not place them in the street. Leaves should also be placed in a separate pile from brush and ornamental grasses as these items cannot go through the leafers.

If you prefer not to wait for our pickup, you may place your leaves in your garbage tote. Please be patient it takes time to cover the entire Town.



IF THE TOWN OF LANCASTER'S PLOW hits your mailbox, see link below for instructions.

pdf Mailbox Replacement Policy document


 Effective February 24, 2022, residences desiring to hold a sale of property of any kind shall obtain a permit from the Highway Department, 525 Pavement Road.

document Yard Sale Application

document Yard sale instructions


Town roads are assessed on a regular basis by the Highway Superintendent. Paving schedules are determined by the funds that are available and the maintenance that is needed for the safety of our Community. Pot holes are repaired year round. If you have a pot hole in your area that needs repair please call 683-3426 and a foreman will inspect the area immediately to determine the best course of action.


The Town of Lancaster Highway Department is on call 24 hours a day to make the 152 lane mile of Town roadways clear and safe. The Highway Department has five routes for salting and nine routes for plowing to provide for safe conditions in an efficient manner.

pdf Snow Rules

pdf Town Plows


The Highway Department offers installation of roadside culvert pipe. The Highway Department will install and back fill the area at no cost to the homeowner. All materials, topsoil and seeding are the responsibility of the homeowner.


Street sweepers are used to support paving and pipe installation projects during the warm weather months. In addition all Town roads are swept on an annual basis beginning in the Spring.


The Highway Superintendent as Drainage Officer coordinates drainage work with the Town Engineer, William Schutt and Associates. Within the last two years the Town has instituted a GIS Program with the coordination of Wendel Engineering. The GIS and web map gives us a tool to use Google Maps to identify road, drainage ditches, town and village boundaries, land use and environmental features. This gives the Highway Department the opportunity to use Google Maps to oversee certain problems that may arise on your property.


  • Aurora Street
  • Bowen Road
  • Cemetery Road
  • Central Avenue/Harris Hill Road
  • Como Park Boulevard
  • Gunnville Road
  • Hall Road
  • Lake Avenue to Village Line 
  • Nichter Road
  • Pavement Road
  • Pleasantview Drive
  • Ransom Road
  • Schwartz Road
  • Stony Road
  • Townline Road
  • Wehrle Drive
  • Westwood Road
  • William Street


  • Broadway
  • Genesee Street
  • Transit Road
  • Walden Avenue