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Michelle Barbaro
Parks Crew Chief

house Recreation Department
 525 Pavement Road
       Lancaster, NY 14086

phone 716-684-3320
fax 716-685-3497
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Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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Tree Planting Program

The Town of Lancaster’s Tree Planting Program continues to grow rapidly. Trees are planted on the right-of-way in front of homes within the Town of Lancaster by our Forestry Department. Town residents with a newly built home or an existing home, in need of trees or replacement trees on the right-of-way, should call the Forestry Department at 716-684-3320.

The trees which are planted on the right-of-way represent a considerable financial investment, therefore, we ask the homeowner for help in keeping the trees in good health to increase their beauty and longevity. The most important maintenance practice for your tree is to water it. Summer showers cannot be depended upon to supply sufficient moisture to keep the soil ball moist, an occasional good soaking is necessary. For the first couple of years, water the trees heavily two times a week. Use a trickle hose, if this is not available, a regular garden hose can be placed on a low flow at the base of the tree for approximately two hours. The water must be allowed to soak into the ground slowly until the soil is moistened down to the roots.

Thank you for your help in maintaining Lancaster’s green space. For tree services on Town-owned trees, such as pruning or disease, call the Town of Lancaster Forestry Department at 716-684-3320.