Building and Zoning Department Contact Information

house Building Department
 21 Central Avenue
       Lancaster, NY 14086

 phone 716-684-4171
fax 716-685-5317

Matthew Fischione
Code Enforcement Officer
phone 716-601-0934
email Email

William Revelas
PT Fire Inspector
phone 716-601-0933

Bryan Pokorski
Asst. Code Enforcement Officer
phone 716-601-0705

Scott Pease
Asst. Code Enforcement Officer
phone 716-601-0931

Craig Blanchard
Asst. Code Enforcement Officer
phone 716-601-0927


Beth Cook
Building & Zoning Clerk
phone 716-601-0929

Elizabeth Bull
Building & Zoning Clerk
phone 716-601-0930

TreAnn Flanagan
PT Clerk Typist
phone 716-601-0928

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM   


Main Function of Department

Administer 2020 New York State Building & Fire Code, Local Zoning Code, Stormwater Management Practices and Flood Plain Development.

Review construction documents, issue building permits and inspect building projects for the Town and Village of Lancaster.

Receive resident and business complaints of building and zoning issues.

General Information

Before any person shall erect, construct, alter, move, demolish or commence to erect, construct, alter, move or demolish any building or structure within the Town of Lancaster and Village of Lancaster, such person shall first apply for and obtain a building permit from the Building Inspector.

Please contact this department for information and specifications regarding set back, permitted size and height of structures, prior to building permit application submittal.

Building Permits

Please provide the information as listed below for your project to apply.

pdf Deck Permits.pdf                                 pdf Deck Code 2020 RCNY R507

pdf Demolition Permit.pdf

pdf Fence Permit.pdf

pdf General Building Permit.pdf

pdf 1 & 2 Family Dwelling Permit.pdf

pdf Pool and Hot Tub Permit.pdf

pdf Shed Permit under 144 SF.pdf

pdf Shed or Garage Permit over 144 SF.pdf

Inspection Requirements

Please call the office at 684-4171 to schedule inspections listed on building permits.

Do you live near a Zombie Property or a Vacant Home? 

Here are links to help identify vacant properties and contact information.

document Zombie Property Information 

Helpful Resources


pdf CE 200 homeowner exemption help

pdf Requirements for As Built Survey.pdf

pdf Town Zoning Map 4 11 2023.pdf

pdf Site Plan Packet (rev 10-5-2022)

pdf Subdivision Regulations

pdf 2022 Planning Board Schedule

pdf LancasterTownParcels WOODED AREA

pdf Environmental Resource Areas

pdf Lancaster Village Site Plan Application

pdf Lancaster Village Change in Use Application

pdf Lancater Village HPC - COA Application.pdf

pdf Temporary Outside Dining Permit              pdf Temporary Operating permit resolution


Controlling the rodent population in our neighborhoods is a community effort. Code Enforcement and Resident participation is vital. For more information on how to keep our properties free from infestation, please visit this page on our site for more information or the Erie County Department of Health page.

Loads of topsoil, mulch, stone or any other material are not permitted to be deposited on roadways, in the road right of way or impede the use of sidewalks at any time.