Building and Zoning Department Contact Information

Matthew Fischione
Supervising Code Enforcement Officer
phone 716-601-0934
email Email

William Revelas
PT Fire Inspector
phone 716-601-0933

house Building Department
 21 Central Avenue
       Lancaster, NY 14086
phone 716-684-4171
fax 716-685-5317

Bryan Pokorski
Asst. Code Enforcement Officer
phone 716-601-0705

Robert Rendon
Asst. Code Enforcement Officer
phone 716-601-0930

Scott Pease
Asst. Code Enforcement Officer
phone 716-601-0931


Beth Cook

Zoning Clerk
phone 716-601-0929

TreAnn Flanagan
PT Clerk Typist
phone 716-601-0928

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM   

Do you live near a Zombie Property or a Vacant Home? 

The term Zombie properties has been used a lot referring to vacant homes.  Not all vacant properties are Zombies, but all Zombie properties are vacant.

Please contact the Lancaster Building and Zoning Department if you suspect a vacant property or properties in neglect.  

These links will help you identify signs of a vacant property and ofer more contact information.

document Zombie Property Information