Welcome to the Lancaster Police Department’s web site. The Lancaster Police Department serves the Town of Lancaster, a community of 41,604 residents (as of the 2010 census). This includes the Village of Lancaster. Lancaster is a suburb of the city of Buffalo, NY. The Department currently has 49 sworn officers and 14 civilian employees. In addition to our uniformed Patrol division, we have several specialized units, including a Detective Bureau, Emergency Response Team, Accident Investigation Unit and two School Resource Officers.

The current Chief of Police is Gerald J. Gill Jr.

Contact / Location Information

Lancaster Police Headquarters

525 Pavement Road

Lancaster, NY 14086

Main Dispatch Phone: (716) 683-2800

Fax: (716) 681-2352

For Emergencies, Dial 9-1-1

Detective Bureau: (716) 683-3120

Detective Fax: (716) 681-6779

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Administration Information

​Gerald J. Gill Jr.​Chief of Police
​Marco LaurienzoCaptain - Patrol Division(716)
​William J. Karn Jr.​Captain - Detective Bureau(716) 683-3120 ext.

Additional Information



The Village of Lancaster appointed its first police officer on May 19, 1866. The appointments were then for 3 month periods, and the officers had to report on their activities to the Village Board on a monthly basis. The first documented Village of Lancaster Police Chief was George Nichter, who was appointed on May 10, 1920.

The Town of Lancaster Police Department was officially established by the Lancaster Town Board on June 20, 1932. Prior to that time, the Town of Lancaster was served by constables led by a Chief. The first Police Chief of the newly established Department was Edwin Sutton.

The Town of Lancaster Police Department started a police ambulance service circa 1953, with an ambulance that was donated to the Department. Police headquarters was housed in the basement of the Town Hall from 1950-1975. In 1975, the Department moved to a larger facility at the site of the former Nike missile base on Pavement Road in the Town.

The Village of Lancaster Police Department merged with the Town of Lancaster Police Department in 2003. As of February 5th 2014, The Department has moved into the new Police and Court Facility next to our old police headquarters on Pavement Road.

Previous Town of Lancaster Police Chiefs

Edwin R. Sutton1931-1933
Walter G. Hasterich1933-1935
Edward P. Bund1935-1936
Earl S. Sweitzer1936-1938
Victor Ott 1969-1979
Thomas E. Fowler1979-2003
Gary S. Stoldt 2003-2010



The Patrol Division currently consists of one captain, eight lieutenants and twenty-eight patrol officers.

Officers in the Patrol Division are responsible for answering service calls, enforcing traffic laws and investigating motor vehicle accidents. Patrol officers are also responsible for warrant service, primary tactical response and maintaining order in the community. The men and women of the Patrol Division provide around the clock protection and services to the citizens of Lancaster.

Special Units/Details:

Traffic & Accident Investigation Unit – headed by a Patrol Lieutenant, this unit addresses traffic complaints and is responsible for the investigation of all motor vehicle accidents that involve serious injuries or fatalities.

Police Bike Patrol – In 2012 the Lancaster Police established a Bike Patrol Unit. The main areas of concentration are the Village Business District, Town Parks and the Heritage Trail. The Bike Patrol Unit will patrol through the fall as weather permits.

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau currently consists of one captain, one detective lieutenant and seven detectives. The Detective Bureau is responsible for investigating crimes of a serious nature (robbery, burglary, arson, etc.), including narcotics investigations. Detectives also conduct follow up investigations on crimes that are referred to them by the Patrol division. The Detective Bureau is responsible for the handling, processing and secure storage of all evidence. All of our detectives receive specialized training in crime scene management, crime scene photography, and interview and interrogation skills.


School Resource Officers

Our Department currently has two police officers assigned to work full-time in our schools during the school year. These officers are based at Lancaster High School and Aurora Middle School, but respond to the other schools in town, as needed.

A School Resource Officer (SRO) is a law enforcement officer who is assigned to either an elementary, middle, or high school. The main goal of the SRO is to prevent juvenile delinquency by promoting positive relations between youth and law enforcement. The SRO position encompasses three major components which allow the SRO to achieve this goal: law enforcement, education, and counseling. These three components allow the SRO to take a proactive approach to law enforcement. SRO’s are not just “cops on campus”. SRO’s provide all law enforcement duties on their campus. They educate the students by teaching law related classes and other related subjects in the classrooms and counsel both students and parents on various topics. The SRO becomes involved in the students’ lives as a positive role model. The intent is that the positive experiences students have with the SRO will bridge the gap between juveniles and law enforcement, and in doing so, help prevent juvenile crime.

The contact information for our SROs is listed below:

S.R.O. Patrick O’Brien – Lancaster High School

Phone: (716) 686-3301


S.R.O. James Formato – Aurora Middle School


Accident Reports

LANCASTER POLICE DEPARTMENT MAKES ACCIDENT REPORTS AVAILABLE ONLINE – Effective January 2013, the Lancaster Police Department is digitizing its accident reports through a partnership with the Carfax Police Crash Assistance Program. The reports are stored electronically in a secure database and are available for purchase online at These reports can now be easily obtained online within minutes, without ever leaving your home.

We will continue to give parties who are involved in a motor vehicle accident a free copy of the MV-104A accident report if they stop at our police station.

Station Tours and Community Events
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Emergency Business Contact Information

The Lancaster Police Department maintains a contact list for businesses in our jurisdiction. This allows us to quickly reach business owners or their designated keyholders in the event of an emergency. If you have a business located in the Town of Lancaster, please click on the form below and fill out all of the information requested. At the bottom of the form please include any other pertinent information that you feel will assist us in an emergency response to your business. When you have completed the form, please return either by:

Fax: (716) 681-2352

– OR –

Mail form to:

Lancaster Police Department

525 Pavement Road

Lancaster, NY 14086

In order to maintain a current listing of contacts please send us your updated information whenever there is a change.

Emergency Business Contact Form

Confidential Tip Line

Our Department’s success in keeping our community safe is often dependent on the public’s willingness to become involved. We need your help. If you have information on a crime that has occurred, or is currently ongoing, we ask you to report it. You can call our main Department phone number, or use one of our tip lines listed below.

Narcotics/Illicit Drugs Tip Line: (716) 683-3120 ext. 38

Or you can email us:

General Tips:


Please tell us as much information as you can about the problem, so we can better address your concern.



How do I obtain a copy of an accident report?

Accident reports are available online or at the Police Station.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

Come in person to the Police Station and fill out a Freedom Of Information Law request (FOIL). Bring with you a government issued ID, and if appropriate, a Business Card showing the Business name on the report. The Records Clerk will respond within 5 days indicating if the request was denied or if the report is ready to be picked up.

FOIL Request Form.
What time is the Police station open until?

The Police station is open 24 hrs a day. If you have an emergency please dial 911. For non-emergencies dial (716) 683-2800. Administration, Records Clerk and other staff are generally available Monday through Friday 8 AM until 4 PM.

How do I get to the Lancaster Police Department?

The Police Station is located at the 525 Pavement Rd, Lancaster, NY 14086. We are approximately

4 miles east of Transit Rd between Walden Ave and Genesee St.

What is an SRO?

SRO stands for School Resource Officer.

How do I pay my parking ticket?

The Police Station does not collect fines for parking tickets. Parking tickets are payable at the Court in the Jurisdiction where you received the ticket. Detailed instructions are on the back of the parking tickets.

Where is court located?

Lancaster Town Court is located next to the Police Station:

525 Pavement Road

Lancaster, NY 14086

Phone: (716) 683-1814

Lancaster Village Court is located on the second floor of the Village Municipal Building

5423 Broadway

Lancaster, NY 14086

Phone: (716) 683-6780

When should I use 911?

911 is an emergency line. The non-emergency number for the Police Department is (716) 683-2800.

How do I get information on sex offenders living in the area?

Information is available through the Detective Bureau regarding registered sex offenders residing in the Village of Lancaster or the Town of Lancaster outside of the Village of Depew.

For further information on Sex Offenders please refer to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Website.

When is the winter parking ban in effect?

The winter overnight parking ban is in effect November 15th through March 15th. Parking on all Town roads is prohibited from 1:00 AM until 7:00 AM. Parking on all Village streets is prohibited from 2:00 AM until 7:00 AM. Please help our plow drivers to keep the streets clear.