Loads of topsoil, mulch, stone or any other material are not permitted to be deposited on roadways, in the road right of way or impede the use of sidewalks at any time.

No open burning of leaves and/or yard debris is allowed in the Town of Lancaster. All items must be properly bagged or placed in hard containers for collection by Waste Management weekly. Branches may also be placed at the curb for collection by the Town of Lancaster Highway Department.


Contact Information:

Jeffrey H. Simme, Code Enforcement Officer

21 Central Avenue
Lancaster, New York 14086

Phone: 716-684-4171
Fax: 716-685-5317

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM

Main Function of Department:

Issue and inspection of issued building permits for the Town and Village of Lancaster. We enforce International Building Codes, Fire Codes, Local Zoning Codes, Federal Flood Plains. Receive resident complaints with regard to building and zoning issues.

General Information:

Any structural changes, including roofs, accessory structures, sheds, pools, fences and decks require a building permit to be issued.

Please contact this department for information and specifications regarding set back, permitted size and height of structures, prior to building permit application submittal.

Inspection Requirements

Please call the office at 684-4171 to schedule inspections listed on customer copy of permit.