The Town of Lancaster Planning Board reviews all development projects which take place in the Town and makes recommendations to the Town Board based on its findings.  The Planning Board may also generate or review proposed ordinances that may become part of Town law and make the appropriate recommendations to the Town Board.  Public Hearings for proposed subdivisions will be held before the Planning Board.  The Planning Board is therefore seen as a referral and advisory body. 

Notice – Effective January 1, 2015, all Planning Board meetings will begin at 7:00 PM.

  folder Planning Board Minutes & Agendas


Name Title Term Ends Phone Number
Neil Connelly Chairman 12/31/2016 684-6608
Neil Connelly Member 12/31/2022  
Rebecca Anderson Member 12/31/2017  
Anthony Gorski Member 12/31/2019  
Joseph Keefe Member 12/31/2020  
Lawrence Korzeniewski Member 12/31/2021  
Kristin McCracken Member 12/31/2016  
Melvin Szymanski Member 12/31/2018